Flying visit

As flies go, you have to admit, he's a bit of a beauty! And he is a fella - those wingtips and his flicking use of them to direct a female in, helped him pick up its common name, semaphore fly, in a 2012 competition.  I found one a year or two back and haven't seen them since.  This guy was waiting in the same place.

My sister dropped in to get her trike tuned by Chris the bike man. We've had a natter and scoff and she's disappeared off again. 

Little Dog showed off with her scenting ability - she learned to find a handkerchief with my scent a few years ago.  We tried her with Rich's scent at the weekend and my sister's today.  Nice to be able to keep her clever little mind ticking as she gets old. (And it's rather sweet to watch!)

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