Razorbill #69

Our last day away and of course we had to take a last visit to Bempton Cliffs before we headed home. 
I was on a mission to try and find some chicks today - we saw plenty of eggs, but very few chicks and those that were around only gave us a brief glimpse. No pufflings - the only one we heard about was safely tucked up in it's cave, no gannets either - it's too early apparently, but we did see both a guillemot chick and a couple of razorbills chicks. It's not so sharp, but I like it. 
In extras today we have the barn owl, who was happily hunting at lunchtime,  a kittiwake and it's egg and a fulmar. There are thousands of kittiwakes, but less than 30 fulmars apparently.

I have hundreds of shots to look through but that will have to wait until next week as I am back in Sweden again tomorrow. I'll try and catch up with your comments and blips over the next week. Thank you all for the lovely comments, stars and hearts - very kind indeed.

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