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Landscape Portfolios Worth Your Attention

Here's a link to an article, which showcases 25 landscape portfolios you might find inspiring. 

And a few words from the article to introduce the topic:
"The photographers in this list come from a variety of backgrounds and have taken different career paths. Some started traveling and taking photos from a young age; others jumped into photography from a different career....Though this list includes some of the best landscape photographers in the world, it’s by no means a complete list of all great landscape photographers. Because there are so many outstanding photographers in the industry, we decided to focus on variety over comprehensiveness. In other words, while going through this list, you may not see every famous landscape photographer you know. You might also be introduced to photographers you’ve never heard of. That’s the goal of this list: giving you a broad range of inspiration for forming your own style and path in landscape photography."

Cover photo: Daniel Kordan website

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