Home News

Home on the 11 o’clock train outta Kings Cross. An overheating train too. Gasp. A quick turnaround and out across town to the SK’s sis who is having her annnual garden party for the family. Who are mostly not her family as she only has the SK. We arrive most timeously as the dinner gong sounds. Salt and vinegar peanuts? Who thinks that’s an improvement that was needed?
What else has been going on? Gove has admitted to cocaine use as a journalist, McGarry has been put in the pokey, Trump has gone away, Hong Kong is full of protests, Sudan is kicking off, and the worst news, Clark’s Bar has closed. Yes. CLARKS BAR has closed. An ever constant thoughtout my working life (which was across the road, admittedly). Big Davey the barman pulling the pints. Through to the wee back rooms. The happy hours we spent there. Happy Days.

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