The Pensioner

By Pensioner


An enjoyable morning gardening before heading to Cairngorm for a chinwagarree with Mr JSitting on matters of mutual interest. Films! Music! Relationships! Jacob Rees-Mogg! Exclamation marks!
Then out via the old burial ground (it being a lovely summer day) to visit the aunt to see how she is. She’d like me to do a few words at the funeral, which is of course a great honour, but something I’ve never done before. Gulp.
Back to hing a net for the beans. There’s optimism.
And then a sit to watch 63Up. I’ve watched it for so many years, and it’s about my age group, but even then I don’t quite figure out what makes it such compelling viewing. And I have the voice of my Dad beside me - he watched very little TV but he did love that, and so many of the characters in it. Roll on 70Up….

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