By strawhouse

Evening Walk

I went to Watford today to meet Mrs S for brunch at Bill's. It felt very strange being there not for the football!
Lovely to see Mrs S though, it's been too long. We didn't see each other at all last year which is unbelievable, and we had to cancel meeting last week because of the snow.
Brunch was scrummy - granola and yoghurt, avocado on toast, tea and cappuccinos.
Once we'd said goodbye I went to Boots to look at sanitary stuff so we'll be prepared for it when Miss E needs it. My God, so many different things to choose from - ultra, wings, no wings, long, night-time...... It was mind bloggling!!
I chose a selection of specifically teen ones (hopefully she'll make it into her teens before it starts but I doubt it!!) and then went round some more shops to get some bits for Miss L's birthday on Sunday.
She can't have enough stationery!!
Home to walk Archie before heading to get the Little Misses. It was so nice to able to walk out at 4pm and it not be dark.
Summer is coming!!

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