Aprés Swim

I was so sleepy this morning I could hardly get out of bed. The snooze button is not my friend!
Mrs L came round after drop off and we headed off to Homesense in Milton Keynes for a browse. So many lovely things!!
Before Christmas I bought some candles and kitchen bits to sell on eBay. I made money on all of it so had a  plan today to get some more and do some research for a new little eBay sideline.
We kept getting sidetracked by things we'd actually want for ourselves rather than things to sell. So many lovely things!!
We had an early lunch in Marks and Spencers next door. I do like their jacket potatoes with chilli.
Then, after all that exhausting browsing, shopping and eating, it was time to head home for an afternoon watching Nashville and listing things on eBay.
Miss L was a fruit loop after her swimming lesson. For reasons best known to herself she put both shoes on the same foot and started dancing round the changing cubicle like a loon. Naturally I videoed it for posterity!!

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