By seizetheday


The forecast for today was 'iffy', so it had been decreed a Working Sunday. But they got it wrong, and there was glorious sunshine for most of the day (though it was a tad on the cool side for June). So, though MrM spent most of the day in the workshop, and I caught up on some domestic stuff, we couldn't resist an afternoon walk on the Common.

Lots of people around, so not much hope of wildlife we thought. Wrong - see extras! Four red squirrels in the woods near Cyril's hide. A water rail crossing the path and, almost hidden in the reeds, a water-rail chick. And I was quite excited to spot this little guy, a whitethroat, as I can't recall ever seeing one before, though apparently they're quite common.

Also had a lovely circular walk around Budle Bay late on in the evening, and were treated to a fabulous sunset (extra).

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