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The Amalfi Coast

Today we set off in the hire car to Positano, the roads in this part of Italy make you want to be on two wheels, whether it be a pushbike or motorbike.

The twisty Amalfi coastline is a thing of dreams. I can imagine forty or fifty years ago this would have been heaven in a sporty Alpha Romeo, sadly today the tourists have spoilt it. I know I am one of these many tourists but the roads don't meet the demand of the coaches which use them. I was having fun in a little car but the coaches and buses really are the problem.

Anyway Positano was lovely after the many many steps you had to go down to get to the sea front. We stopped for a drink and a long relax on the beach before heading back up the twisty steps and narrow passages.

As we were halfway to Amalfi we decided to carry on to it. What a picturesque place with lots to see but an absolute nightmare to drive through and park.

We took the mountain road out of Amalfi back to Sorrento which was a cracking road with hairpin after hairpin and no traffic.

A quick dip in the pool before dinner and onto enjoying the nightlife of the town again. I'd be lying if I said I didn't have two desserts tonight but I definitely burnt the calories up today.

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