By Arachne


A pretty relaxed day (for me!) - I spent most of it just wandering to get a sense of where things are: around the old centre, across the Roman Bridge and back, through an area known for its patios of flowers in blue pots mounted on white walls, to Plaza della Corradera and Plaza del Potro. I went into the Arab baths when I found myself outside - impressively restored and with good explanations to give a sense of how they used to be (extra).

Just after sunset I went to 'Magical Nights' in the formal gardens of the Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos - a light and music show based on cleverly programmed fountains. Basically, it was fireworks made of water, and great fun. It ended with a film about Cordoba projected onto water, of which this image is a part. The fireworky ones are in extras.

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