While on my runs

By waipushrink

The other end

This photo was taken looking at the other end of the new building with scaffolding that featured in yesterday's blip. And it was taken at the other end of the day; this one is after the sun had set. 

I was on Great North Road when I took this photo, again using the iPhone, as getting my Lumix out of the saddlebag on the bike, and then out of its case, risked missing the glory of the sky. 

It was a morning of meetings. Starting with the District Inspectors at 0800 and finishing with the ward psychiatrists at 1300. It is just as well that the consultant I was filling in for over the last month is back, and I have yet to start covering the absence of another of the psychiatrists.

This afternoon was occupied with answering the many emails, and dealing with requests to admit. Fortunately I have felt better than yesterday.

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