Home & Away

By HeidiAndDolly

Reindeer Visit

I was in a grumpy mood today after a bad night of sleep - not helped by the overly loud (and late) music coming from the Beer-fest being held in my village this weekend. The venue was the park just behind my house.

So this morning I took my grumpy self off on some errands before the shops got busy. One place I stopped was the egg farm. I’ve blipped it many times before. Besides the chickens they have ducks, geese, 2 rare breed pigs, goats (with new babies!) and a herd of reindeer!! I always enjoy watching them and today this one kindly came up to the feeding area so we could have a close face to face chat! And I could get a good blip! Isn’t he beautiful? Reindeer lose their antlers in March so it was good to see that the new ones had already grown!

The rest of the day comprised of chores at home, a BBQ at church and a late evening of TV. Thankfully the Beer-fest was not as loud this evening (I wonder if there had been complaints?) and it finished earlier. Phew!

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