By AmandaT2013

Winter in summer!

Today was so grey and wet that I only went out to put all the recycling out.  I much prefer the system in Wales where it all just goes in one bag.  We have one box for glass, paper, textiles/shoes and small electrical items, another for cardboard and plastic which must be segregated, and then food waste.  

Mr T has a bit of a cold so he was instructed again to rest, and I got on with some tidying up.  It is a bit of a case of what the eyes don't see the heart doesn't grieve over!  There is now lots of things in cupboards and still some empty space.  A lot less clutter.  I even found a nice spot for my sewing machine so it is ready to use.

When I was sorting out the boxes of camera stuff I came across these old compact flash cards that we bought in 2003 for our Olympus E20.  At the time this was the biggest we could afford, and the two cards cost about £95!  It seems kind of crazy now.

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