By AmandaT2013

The 'Art' of Caring Carers Week Exhibition

A quite(ish) morning.  A call to Virgin Media to negotiate our deal and try to get the account in my name, as it is hard for Mr T.  They wanted £20 to change the name which I think is outrageous as their site os not adapted for his disability.  Another letter coming me thinks!  A letter to try and get action taken against the company that mis-sold us the bath.  Then after lunch the bus into Bristol for the Carers Week launch event, excellently hosted by Carers Support Centre

It was a very small space and after a slow start the time flew by.  The chap on the left explained that there are 67,000 carers in Bristol and South Gloucestershire, and if they all stopped caring tomorrow it would cost the councils over £1 billion.  It seems wrong that people on Job Seekers Allowance are paid more than those providing 24/7 care.  Listening to some peoples stories was very emotional.  One lady read a poem, one gentleman played a guitar, on lady described her felting, and another pyrography.  I had some photos displayed and it was strange to see my work framed and displayed.  

The Mayor of Bristol (centre) was also there, although he was late as he was delayed in traffic!  It was bad as The Spice Girls were playing at Ashton Gate.  There has been some upset about the recent concerts there, but also the decision about where a new arena should be built.  He made a few ironic comments about those decisions.  I did have a chuckle to myself!

The lady on the right is one of the ladies from the Carers Support Centre and has done an excellent job organising the event.  They are hoping to raise awareness of carers, and ways the city can help, and also to identify people who don't realise they are carers.  People like me who take for granted doing things and only when someone else points it out you realise you are providing care.  I thought I was just doing what you do when you are married, and these are the hidden carers they want to help support.

The exhibition is on all week, so hopefully it will help raise some awareness, and help some people.

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