By AmandaT2013


This morning was ironing and taking the wobbly "fence" out of the front garden, and then after lunch a swim.  I had been told Sunday afternoons were quiet, and all was well at first as there were two quiet swimming lanes, but then for the third time this week disruption as they wanted to change the timetable at the last minute.  Having checked at reception in the way in and being told I was fine, no planned disruptions to say I was not amused was an understatement!  Then they made a right dogs breakfast of the reconfigurations dragging the ropes across the lane in front of me, and not sorting out the people into the right lanes.  A manger was masquerading as a lifeguard so he had some feedback!  The chances would have been OK if they had been done right!  So instead of feeling relaxed I ended up feeling more stressed.

I had intended to try and photograph the damselfly larvae in the pond but it was a bit overcast, so instead you have the osteospermum with raindrops.

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