By TheOttawacker

The front garden might need a little attention...

I've been rather remiss in the journal part of blipping - in fact, I've been blipping remiss - but them's the perils of going on holiday. And enjoying it.

I've every intention of going back and writing for each of the days the Ottawacker Family spent in Europe.

Three weeks away from Ottawa and I missed the tornado that gave Orleans a little more character (despite the humour, it must have been terrifying, and I am glad I was away for it). Kez lost his garden fence and a massive trampoline in his back yard. It wasn't as bad as last year's, but bad enough.

Still, if it had swung a little more to the west, it might have at least taken down some of the weeds in my rewilding section of the front garden. Not even I can pass this off as an attempt to please passing bumble bees... so I might have to get the lawnmower out tomorrow...

Other than that, I am not overly happy to be back home. It's nice being surrounded by my cats and books and music - and Mrs Ottawacker and O Jr both stayed at home today too - but we miss the sun and the tinkle of glasses on the street-side patios of Spain.

Oh well. I'll have to tell of the Miracle of Malaga in one of the catch-up stories. 

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