By TheOttawacker

Castelldefels: definitely not Hemel Hempstead

The contrast between Barcelona and Hemel Hempstead couldn't really be stronger. I'd had a quick look down the street near the coach station (i.e. bus stop) and while I accept that any city's bus station tends to be in a precarious part of town, Hemel Hempstead had struck me as peculiarly grim.

Castelldefels is a small suburb of Barcelona, and is the home base of several of Barcelona's stars (Lionel Messi, Luis Suárez, Philippe Coutinho) and has several big Olympic facilities. 

On this, our last morning in Spain, Mrs Ottawacker and I, as well as the plum of our loins, decided to go for breakfast at the Maritimo. The sun was so bright, it hurt the eyes, and made even the Plaça de les Palmeres look acceptable.

The to pack, taxi to the airport, and an 8-hour flight on the ridiculously cramped Air Canada plane to Montreal.

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