By Kipsie

Wanted dead or alive

This pretty dusky pink rambling rose caught my eye when I first spotted it the day we arrived, not in it's prime but just like this, so pretty. On this morning's walkabout I came across it hanging over the fence of another garden, plus scattered on the ground. A perfect subject for my tiny Tuesday blip. 'Dorothy Perkin' s' springs to mind but I'm sure it can't be.
This morning's walkabout took me in a southerly direction, not much found apart from my rose & an Illy coffee shop, so decided to chill roadside with a cuppa watching the world go by, I also wanted to mooch in the large supermarket opposite when it opened at 8am. Pomegranate molasses, pul biber, kofta mix, plus a kilo of iri pilavlik bulgur later

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