Water + washing up liquid + oil = change

Rain + wind + sunshine = today's weather .. the water butts are full, the plants look happy & seem to have shot up overnight. Amazing what a difference it's made. I walked up to the allotment to check the corrugated plastic sheets protecting the tomato plants had'nt blown away. The site is quite exposed, but no all was still as I left it yesterday. I walked up to the town, collected my prescription from the chemist (they text me when it's ready for collection) picked up a newspaper, walking back past the cemetery I spotted a young green woodpecker atop one of the tombstones. I stopped & observed ... wonderful. Back to base I caught up with a back blip for yesterday, while watching Gardener's World, then The Sewing Bee on catch up.  Faffed about in the greenhouse for a while, then it was lunchtime.
After lunch, I nipped into Tesco's .. I had to queue, not for too long, but busier than Tuesday morning. Still a quick painless retail experience.
Changes today's Abstract Thursday subject ... I was running ideas through my mind while driving back from town. I emptied the goldfish bowl of seashells, filled it with water,  tried a few different backgrounds, settling for the greens of the Lidl shopping bag. The bubbles can be manipulated. I felt like a scientist splitting, joining, moving the bubbles around, although they move around without my help, changing shape & colour as they drift across the patterns from the bag below. There are 3 layers in today's blip.

Chicken & vegetable peanut noodles for dinner, including slices of the first harvested courgette of 2020. The first of many no doubt if the crop is as a good as last years.

Thanks to Ingeborg for hosting

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