By Kipsie


A fun away day with friends today, our destination RHS Rosemoor. The weather forecast cloudy with perhaps the odd burst of sunshine. Well we did'nt experience any bursts of sunshine but certainly experienced bursts of colour by the wheelbarrowful. What a feast for the eyes, accompanied by the occasional sprinkling of perfume. The roses probably need another week or so but I was'nt disappointed. I like roses, but love the unusual plants quite often. I took a multitude of images but without doing any a little bit of cropping this is definitely one of my favourite snaps of the day.
Just after leaving the grounds I spotted terri, a fellow Blipper, unfortunately I was on my phone with Mum dealing with a plumbing/drain problem, so could'nt break off the conversation. Such a pity! I'd mentioned to Jos & Sandy that Terrifo & suejay50 visit Rosemoor quite often so was on the lookout for them. Drat!! I've just read that Sue was there too. Double drat!! Will have to plan another visit perhaps arrange a Blip meet up. I know jorgiesmum is up for a visit. :-D

We did'nt buy any plants, but I managed to get an ident for one of the trays of plants I have for sale. Jos bought £10 worth of plants from me when we returned so that's taken my Rowcroft pot over the £300.

Thanks to BikerBear/Anni for hosting Flower Friday

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