By Kipsie

Daisy, daisy, give me your answer do

Does it actually get dark at night .. I'm sure the mornings are light earlier. I'm certainly waking earlier .. birds fed, breakfast eaten and crossword done by 6.20am. I browsed a couple of gardening magazines, then got myself organized to head up to the allotment. Another 6 runner bean plants to go in.
The robins were collecting more nesting material, dried oak leaves, this morning, this will be their third brood I think. Not in my shed though thankfully, although a couple of visits with leaves through the top of the door. He'd forgotten they had relocated .. Ops! I planted the runner beans, adding some well rotted compost from the heap. Next I spread the remainder of the compost heap along the banks of spuds. Some critter has only eaten the 2 Turk's Turban squash plants I put in to replace the first munched squash plants. Rats??? Did'nt look like slug or snail damage. GRHH! I'll pop seed in on my next visit. See if they survive. I tidied to the side of my shed, the side adjoining my neighbour in case they want some space to park a wheelbarrow or something. I've not met the neighbour yet, but there is evidence of weeding activity. I top dressed the 9/10cm Japanese anemone plants, they can go in the Sunday Plant Sale, along with some more pot luck roses. I pulled rhubarb. Breakfast fruit for the next week.
I left the plot and headed for the town, passing a friends cottage the rose A Simple Life growing to both sides of her front door looking absolutely amazing. Liz was just walking down the her old collie, Reg. "Come  in through and take a look at my little patch of paradise" .. & little patch of paradise it was. Mainly annuals in her beds but so colourful. She opens her garden for the Chudfest garden open days so hopefully I will bring Mum up for a wander that weekend, especially as she spent some of her childhood in Chudleigh. I popped into Brainwave charity shop on the way through town. I bought 5 short sleeved cotton shirts for hubby, all M&S, size L  £17.. Too big. Well 2 of them were, I kept two to make sleeveless cotton tops for myself, hubby kept one, I returned 2.
Haircut in CK at 11.45. My Summer clip .. then a mooch on the heath with my camera for 45mins. The wild flowers look a picture, some insect action too, a few I managed to capture with the camera. 1 very pretty butterfly escaped unsnapped, & unidentified.
A lazy-ish afternoon reading the paper, doing the crossword. Charging camera batteries. I'm off to RHS Rosemoor tomorrow with Jos & Sandy so will have botanical overload.
I poached the rhubarb tonight while making dinner. Jersey Royal potatoes with the chops etc. Jersey Royals used to be early and so flavoursome ..

Thanks to Ingeborg for hosting Abstract Thursday

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