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sharing a bed with the peas hope they don't mind having companions. The white radish 'White Icicle' was received with mixed reception, so they had to go, those that were left. I grew them last year to add to stocks & soups for the winter, so that's what I'll do with the remainder of the seed. I can't eat hem raw as they are peppery. :-(   Another row of lettuce planted in between a row of sweetcorn. Richard arrived to work his plot but we chatted for quite awhile before he headed off. His father used to grew prize winning celery, taking the cup every year at the Dartmouth show where he lived. My gladioli are looking really strong, but would they make prize winning blooms, well there won't be a Produce show this year, this being the first time of growing the Gladi's I'll be able to see if they are worthy of a spot on my plot. I'm not a fan of Gladi's. Dad used to grew Gladioli, asters, sweet william, & dahlias for cutting as Mum always liked a vase of fresh flowers on the bar at The Anchor. HALCYON DAYS!  I carefully tied in the Japanese squash 'Uchiki Kuri', & Patty Pan 'Sunburst'. They're beautiful strong plants so hopefully I can get them trained up the wire structure. When you run out of ground space, go up. Monty grew his up a trellis last year so if it's good enough for him it's good enough for me. Blackfly zapped with sap suds, tendrils tied in, everywhere weeded, & fed. First comfrey tea feed for the tomatoes. I was working on the plot when I heard "You can't hide in there". Hey up!!! Jan aka jorgiesmum  & Jorgie had come to pay me a visit. What a lovely surprise, & it was a surprise as I had'nt checked my phone when it pinged with a message. I was in the zone. LOL!! We sat SD'ed obviously & had a lovely long chat. We had'nt seen each other for ages. Jan left, I pulled the first beetroot thinning out the first sowing. I love freshly cooked beetroot in a sandwich. ..Lovely brown bread, beetroot, mayo, freshly ground pepper & salt. Yum!
Came home, lunch. Then sewing jobs, first a waterproof sleeve/cover for the new rotary washing line. I had the perfect material in my stash.  Black anorak type material, a discarded cover for something or a tent attachment?? The piece left over I made into a hairdressing cape. Still a few sewing jobs to do, but two less now. Lookiing at teh plain black cover today I wish I'd appliqued some fabric to it to make it interesting. Thinking out loud I mentioned it in hubby's hearing .."It's only a cover". Yes, it's only a cover but I've got a feeling it will not remain plain boring black for long.
A back Blip to yesterday. Not the blip I intended but the weather did'nt inspire me to head off to New bridge.
Thanks to steveng for hosting Wide Wednesday & the subject Frame within a frame

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