Plants from the plot ..

It makes a change for me not to be doing my Blip late evening, but this afternoon it has been very wet, so after a couple of jobs in the greenhouse, potting on sweet pepper plants & hubby's freebie tomato plant that he picked up on one of his few walks around the town I sat and faffed.
I met Carolyn on the plot for breakfast, very healthy, we started with a fresh fruit salad, followed by a 'should have been earlier while it was still warm' croissant. We settled for the fruit salad. Croissants don't travel well in tinfoil. A shame, but the birds had a treat. We sat and had a lovely chat, Haytor away in the distance, covered in cloud, the sky looked dodgy a time or two but we were lucky, it stayed dry. I removed the lid on the comfrey feed ... It's been brewing for a fortnight, another week & it should be absolutely minging. Today it was SMELLY! Carolyn bought a couple of roses for her garden, so another couple of quid in the Rowcroft Hospice fund. A few selected Rowcroft shops are re-opening next week, not where she volunteers though. I told her about my Ikea bag of clothing. Hopefully I will be able to drop it off soon. I stayed on the plot after Carolyn left, pampering my courgette plants, tucking some nice clean straw around the plants, the plan being to keep the courgettes clean. I replaced the plastic feed bottles with larger bottles. Then another treat, a lovely comfrey feed. Spoiled or what??!! A little weeding, disentangling bindweed from the gooseberries, then teasing the stems of the Japanese squash into position. Once I've got them heading skyward it should be fine.... she says unconvincingly. While weeding etc. I noticed the hoverfly activity. Grabbed my camera very optimistically. Not an easy subject to snap but I did my best. There are so many species of hoverfly in the UK. Not easy to identify but I hope to get around to posting them to Project Noah, thereby putting them on the map for Chudleigh, & getting correct idents. PN is linked to The National Geographical magazine. I've been a member since living in Thailand. It being very useful for me to identify species I'd never come across before.
Another little job this afternoon. A Thai style scarecrow, seen everywhere on the paddy fields, basically, a coathanger with an item of clothing attached, hooked on a springy pole/bamboo cane,  that blows in the wind. It will be installed on the plot tomorrow I reckon.
Next job .. Identifying, & checking on germinating seed that I'd collected on my "walkabouts". Still no room in the greenhouse, & I think we've had an overnight visitor. Hubby would be up there in a shot with a trap, so I have'nt mentioned it yet. I've cloched the seed trays so fingers crossed it will deter the little critter.

Dinner cooking I'd better go and save it before it's too late.

Wishing you all a super duper weekend, wherever you are, & whatever you have planned.

Thanks to BikerBear/Anni for continuing to host Flower Friday

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