By Kipsie

All beds taken

Every space on the plot has been taken I think ..... The courgettes have gone full board, socially distanced feeding, tweaked to individual needs & fads. Wormery fertilizer, comfrey tea, nettle tea & well rotted horse manure on the menu.  Fresh bedding, plumped up daily, plus views of Dartmoor on a clear day. In return I would like beautifully formed fruits ... Not too much to ask I feel. They have been pampered.
A quick visit to the plot before I made up a flask of coffee, grabbed a pack of KitKat and headed off for Buckfast Abbey. I was meeting up with the MOT maids for a catch up. The forecast did'nt look very promising so we were looking for a suitable location.  Josie Googled and came up with Buckfast Abbey, grounds & car park open. Ideal! A large covered area where we could sit & have a catch up should it rain. I arrived first, the car park entrance blocked with signage CLOSED. I waited for the maids to arrive in their cars. Strangely enough there is a church ruin not far away that I'd Googled just before leaving home as I'd been wanting to pay a visit for a while. Jos arrived, then Sandy. Plan B ... off to Holy Trinity church, only 3minutes drive away. No car park, but we thought we would probably find a bench or two where we could sit.  We found the perfect spot for sitting, the granite ledge surrounding Cabell's Penthouse, the housing for Cabell's tomb. Spooky goings on back in the 1600's when the local squire died. We sat chatting away when a lady walker  told us about the following -  "It is also said that if you run around the ‘penthouse’ tomb seven times and then stick your hand through the iron bars, either Squire Cabell or the Devil will bite your fingers." - Legendary Dartmoor- http://

We would be okay we had no plan to run around the tomb 7 times although we probably should have as Sandy had baked a MB lemon drizzle tray bake, bringing 3 slices, Josie had made a MB Victoria sponge filled with cherry jam & cream .. I took KitKat's . I just knew someone would bring cake ... we obviously had to sample both. The girls had a further catch up, while I went walkabout. The ruins are very impressive. There were swallows feeding young, the nests in the roof of the entrance. The graveyard is huge. Some beautiful ornate headstones. Definitely worth a revisit. The sun came out, the rain held off. A great couple of hours with the maids.

Watched a great film on tv  'Finding Your Feet'

 A back blip

Thanks to admirer for hosting Silly Saturday

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