By Kipsie

Picasa, Picasa, where for art thou

I reckon you can all make out what it is. Picasa is my trusted go to, but as I'm sampling the delights of Turkey I've had to tweak my phone taken image with, yes, you've guessed, my phone.
Had a fab wander around the morning market, after making a small purchase in garden centre I was passing. Loads of wonderful produce, a lot I recognised but a couple of veggies, pods, & medicinal plants I need to check out when I get home. Homemade butter pats, cheese, honeycomb, jars of honey of all hues, fruit, strawberries, cherries, & apricots plus some tiny pears. Sheets of freshly made filo pastry. Bread, eggs, plus a variety of fish, but surprisingly only 2 butchers. I spotted fresh sweetbreads in the cabinet with the other offal. The place was buzzing. I bought some spice mixes, & a garlic bulb, I plan to split it and plant in the allotment when I get home.

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