By RonRagsdale

Jasmine Blooms

We planted a climbing jasmine on one of our fence trellises quite a few years ago, but it's never bloomed, until this year, after Gill cut it back. It seems to have responded well to the pruning, and has not only put on a lot more lush greenery, but also it's got hundreds of tiny blossoms, for the first time ever! As they are tiny flowers, this is my entry for the Tiny Tuesday challenge, "flower" theme.

Of course, the rain hasn't stopped, but I thought the droplets of water added a nice touch to my experimental multi-exposure if different blossoms.

I'm trying to adjust my work/life balance again, so that I get out in my studio more. Looks like we will finally be moving into the new office next week, so that should be a real help in carving out different space and time for work and home. That's the plan, anyway.

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