Arkensiel Photography

By arkensielphoto


I went to the gym for my session with Michael this morning; it was an excellent session and I have some exercises, which I can do at home.

Once home, between the showers, I trimmed the white Wisteria. Although it is the wrong time of the year, I have to do this, at this time every year, as it has a suddenly “growth spurt”. It blocks my view of the road, when I am exiting my drive, so that I cannot see what is coming along the lane. It took only about thirty minutes. Today's picture is just a small part of what I have cut back, which was trailing around one of our lamp posts.

After lunch I sorted out some paperwork and then resorted to knitting some more fingerless gloves. In the post this morning some yarn arrived and with it three free patterns. There is a nice waistcoat with a small cable front, which I think I might make for me.

The temperature at GMT noon was thirteen degrees Celsius; It has rained on and off all day. 

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