Quod oculus meus videt

By GrahamColling

it Rained......and rained!

A bit of a theme for the week.  We have had almost 48 hours of continuous rain.  Even when not coming down hard, there was a persistent drizzle in the air.  I decided if you can't beat it, join in so went for a swim this morning, then picked up a boot liner for the car that had finally arrived from the suppliers.

It was then back home to more planning of a challenge walk taking place in 10 days time.  We intend to complete the Yorkshire Three Peaks in 12 hours, which we understand to be the standard.  At the moment the plans revolve around wet weather, but we know the British climate to be capricious at the best of times so part of me is planning on hot conditions and the need to stay hydrated.  Therefore we are searching for large water containers so we can replenish drinks containers when we meet the support team as we walk.

I thought I would take another photograph reflecting the weather, this time the handle on the conservatory door, covered in water droplets.

Technical: A focus stack, 80 images, with some surreptitious retouching to remove the halo effect often found on the edge of objects.  I used Helicon Focus and tried each of the three methods; I still seem to find that Method C (Pyramid) gives me the best result.

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