A day in the life

By Shelling


I've been organising two knitting courses for our school lately. Now we're in the middle of the first of two courses and everybody is happy as children for the opportunity to spend a whole week with others, just as obsessive about knitting as them self. The leaders are very skilful, not to mention the participants of the course. There is so much knowledge in the room it's incredible and they help each other giving advice and guidance through the *many* ways of using these simple tools to create lovely things. 

I enjoy spending time with the group, the atmosphere is very relaxed in the constant conversation. Some take the chance to go to a room of their own to practice a newly learned skill.
My job is really just to help with practical things, like making copies of patterns or helping the leaders so the course can run smoothly, so I'm having an easy time here, these last two weeks of my employed life at Högalid school.

I'll miss all the inspiring creativity here, it's going to be one of my important tasks for the future to take part in environments like this, where people meet and grow together.

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