A day in the life

By Shelling

Hag tooth

Another Friday is soon used up. Quite often I wonder if I've used it well or not but it's not easy to say. There is often an idea in my head on what I think is going to happen during the day but the idea is almost never realised, something different usually comes up and alters the plan. Often for the good, sometimes not. Today I tried to get hold of someone in the council who could help me trace an invoice that I sent to the council but didn't get paid for. It's incredible how long time it can take to get hold of people and then finding out that it's the wrong person so I start over again.
My first call was at eight in the morning and the last at a quarter past three. It was the right person but she was on her way home and is dealing with it on Monday, I hope.

Yesterday I spent most of the day trying to figure out why a multitrack recording that I've made and now is going to mix for a friend, didn't respond to any of the commands but instead produced something I couldn't use. I felt frustrated because a whole day had passed and I couldn't figure it out. Today I started from scratch, creating a new project and now everything works as normal. Then it's hard to say if yesterday was wasted or if it gave me ideas that helped me make better decisions today.

The afternoons walk was a long and good one after all the sitting down. I didn't take many pictures but I feel the need to brighten up my day with a couple of flower blips. The main is in Swedish called "Kärringtand", directly translated to English that should be 'Hag-tooth' but the English name for it: "Birdsfoot trefoil" sounds more poetic. Apparently it has medical use and contains some good essential oils and alcaloids. 

The extra is a bush that grows in my garden, a "Doftschersmin", or Philadelphus in latin. The scent of it is magnificent and so strong it is overpowering if you get too close. 
Smelling that makes me feel good about today.

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