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By simplemoments




yes, i know

this isn’t your ‘typical’ bird - portrait at all however - i was simply captivated by it - to be honest, i truly didn’t - even realize i’d captured this - little one until i’d done - the upload to look at my photos - then went ‘huh’ since i couldn’t recall - snapping it - but you know how that goes - and lately these little birds laren’t prone - to sticking around very long - so it’s usually snap,snap - and that’s that - if i can get several shots - i’m pleased

but there’s just something about - this one with only a peak - of his red head showing - as well as a hint - of his tiny eye - you can sense him - watching and waiting - for that perfect moment - to lift off - don’t we humans do - the same thing? - we wait, we watch - in our lives for those perfect moments - when we believe everything is lined up - just so before we take the leap - give in or give up - hoping it will lead to...


happy day.....

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