the great pumpkin...

...built by community

as i was out and about - i came across a most unusual sight - a great pumpkin - on one of the corners - in our wonderful city - it's a recycled sculpture - made by the efforts of some 200 individuals

doing research found some of the tiles are upcycled - via the habitat for humanity restore - some were made by community members - at the what if festival

look close - it's easy to spot the rough tiles - made by children's hands - there are also a bevy of tiles - made by professional artists - including one with an intricate - blue-on-white print of a cabin in the trees

the city granted concrete couch - a revocable permit for the pumpkin - meaning who knows how long it will stick around - but until it goes - the pumpkin will give - passers-by what - someone called a 'vacation for the eyes' - now doesn't that make it...


happy day.....

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