Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

The Bishop Morley Library

Today - it being another grossly wet, cold and grey day - I went back to the Kings and Scribes exhibition at the Cathedral.  And this time I took my proper glasses.  When I asked an official how long it would be on for, I got a very old-fashioned look and a snooty, 'Permanently, I hope - it cost enough money!'  So for those of you who asked, that's the answer..

Photographs are not allowed in there, unfortunately, though the head honcho told me they're hoping to relax that rule, put in place by the insurers.  However, in the Bishop Morley Library, which is all muddled in with the exhibition space but not really part of it, you are allowed to snap away.  So here it is in all its glory - a 17th century library, brought from elsewhere after the Bishop's death, rare books, shelves and all.  The only things that are still being restored but will return to the library soon are the ‘two globes of the best and largest size’, one terrestrial, one celestial.  You can see a pic of them in the library if you scroll down here.

Okay, that's enough education.  My brain hurts.  Now it's a cup of tea and I'll talk to you very soon  xx

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