By suehutton

Gordon the Big Engine

If, like me, you have young grandsons, you will probably understand why Gordon features. Like his Dad before him, Grandson William is Thomas the Tank Engine crazy.

He's been playing with all the diecast models that we bought for his Dad in the 1990s. Sadly, Gordon has gone AWOL. So I've bought a replacement off eBay. It's not the diecast model, and the paintwork has suffered a bit, but I hope that he will be very suitable.

It rained again. I know everybody's moaning about the weather and the flooding, but I do wonder if we've had enough rain to replenish the groundwater reserves. They take a lot longer to top up than surface water reservoirs. Our pond is very full. Wood Brook had overflowed in Queens Park in Loughborough. But I wouldn't be surprised if the hydrogeologists say that we have not had enough rain.

AquaAerobics with Funky Karen followed by a dash into Loughborough to buy prawns for the weekend.

Then to Ashby for a full-on chiropody session. I treated myself to a latte at Costa Coffee afterwards. They have huge armchairs into which you can sink. 

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