By suehutton

Outcrop in the Outwoods

Possibly as a result of going to bed earlier last night, I was awake and up shortly after 7 am. Still misty so I resolved to tackle the woodland today.

Turfed Basil off the bed and headed to the path between the Outwoods and Jubilee Wood. Pretty good access, although the forest management people have laid a bed of ballast at the entrance which I find very difficult to walk on. It evens out after around 100 metres.

Birds were singing softly. It wasn't the raucous noise of the dawn chorus. The air smelt sweetly dank and soft. It was green. Mist hung gently over all. I let Basil lead the way. Thus we found ourselves going up the path that leads to this rock outcrop by an oak tree. The trees here make such splendid shapes.

Home for tea and two slices of bread and honey before heading for Loughborough where Len went to the market to buy prawns and Basil and I pottered in Queens Park. A lot of young moorhens poking around in the muddy bottom of the pools and a duck with seven fast growing ducklings. Can't understand where the water has gone. Has it been that dry?

I bought a latte from the café just because I could. Expensive at £2 especially for the size of it but it was  a treat. The gardeners were planting geraniums around the bandstand. Two groups of young women were sitting on the ground enjoying meet ups despite injunctions not to sit nor picnic. I saw a family spreading a picnic blanket on the ground. Can't really see why not. They were social distancing and perhaps don't have a garden.

No children in the playground but they were looking at the aviary instead. The two areas set aside for planting by the Brownies last year have been beautifully managed and are awash with flowers and grasses.

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