Macro Abstract

I traveled down quite a few processing rabbit trails to get this result and if I could remember how I did it, I would share it,.... but I can't. 

The previous two days were absolutely perfect but it was surely unrealistic of me to expect a third day of it.  I was quite disappointed to awaken this morning to pouring rain.  I had to go out very early and because we had the driveway resealed yesterday, the cars were parked on the street.  I had to maneuver out the back door of the garage and wade through puddles in the backyard to get to the car.  Most unpleasant.  

I posted my blip early yesterday.  In the afternoon we headed up to Frederick, MD to drop off two of my images for an exhibition.  We had some time to kill, so we went to the National Museum of Civil War Medicine.  Since they didn't have much medical knowledge in those days, my expectations were very low, but it was actually quite excellent and went far beyond my expectations of some rusty old saws.  After we dropped off the pictures, we had a lovely dinner outdoors at a tapas restaurant and were home in time to watch game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. 

I was very happy that St. Louis Blues won the cup  They had been my favorite since they knocked out the San Jose Sharks, who had knocked our boy's team out of the finals because of an egregious referees' error.  The National Hockey League is currently in the process of revising the rules to make sure such a travesty never happens again.  

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