Life Savors

By osuzanna


I looked out the kitchen window and saw this young White-tailed buck staring back at me.  Concerned about some of my plants, I ran outside to scare him off... but that wasn't happening.  I moved closer, clapped my hands and yelled and he didn't move.  I must have been off my game, because it was only then that I thought to get my camera.  I came back out, he was still in the same spot so I got my blip and then tried once more to chase him off.   He moved a bit further back in the yard and then turned and stared again.  Realizing that his behavior is quite different than the does and fawns, who are quite skittish and would have run off immediately, it crossed my mind that perhaps he could get aggressive.  Fortunately he didn't and eventually jumped the fence to gnaw on my neighbor's plants.  

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