When I was a teenager, we lived in France near the Loire River.  I used to walk along the river to get to the bus to go to town.  I remember walking along the river on days just like today, with warm sun and lovely breezes.  Whenever I go to Hughes Hollow as I did this morning, and the weather is similar, I can summon up those memories and the sensations of those lovely times. I love when that happens. 

The best part of today was seeing Wendy (WRPerry).  We have talked on the phone a few times, but it was just super to have a gabfest and catch-up in person, even with plenty of distance.  

The Prothonotary Warbler Nest is almost impossible to see now that the reeds have grown so high.  I saw the parents going in and out but could not get a clean shot.  I was told there was also an Orchard Oriole nest nearby but for the life of me, I couldn't find it.  The blue-grey gnatcatchers seem to have fledged as there was no activity at that nest at all.  There were lots of wildflowers and nsects, many dragonflies (check out Wendy's blip) and plenty of Red-winged Blackbirds feeding their young as pictured here. 


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