By AH14

Roadside Poppies

I know that the weather has been dire today and it has not been a good time to scour the countryside for poppies but I just had to give it a go..... I didn't find a field of them but I did find a lovely dense strip beside one! Having found them, photographing them was altogether another matter - it was so windy that focusing was almost impossible - and it was raining (as you can see, if you look carefully)! 

During my meanderings, I also had the joy of seeing a barn owl take off from right next to the car! I stopped immediately and leapt out, camera in hand, but of course it had gone....

I then needed to call in at Wimborne, so popped into the minster in case all my poppy attempts turned out to be rubbish. To be honest, most of them were! There's a fisheye minster shot over in my b&w journal. And the trees at Moor Critchel in My Third.

 Many thanks for all the great comments, stars and hearts for recent blips!

Ann :))

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