Wet, wet, wet in north Northumberland, and after 36+ hours of heavy rain, there was quite a lot of flooding when MrM and I ventured out this afternoon. This is the road bridge over the River Till at Chatton. The water on the road is deeper than it looks!

A busy day! Singing in the morning. Two coats of paint around the door frame in the living room. Some bookkeeping. Domestic stuff. Phone call with Lu. And, finally, steeled myself for a 'live chat' session to sort out our website...

The hosting company performed some essential maintenance on their servers a couple of days ago, during which time our website went down, and has stayed down. Took a while to convince the Techie who was 'chatting' that I wasn't going to be fobbed off with his suggestion of consulting a Developer. Eventually he went off for ages to consult a colleague with "higher knowledge". It was worth the wait, though, as the website is now up and running. Phew!

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