While on my runs

By waipushrink

As the fog was lifting ...

... the container cranes emerged.

It has been good to have a quiet week. Plenty to do, but the availability of beds into which we could admit, coupled with a reduced number of admissions, meant that one of the demands on me was absent. Indeed so absent today, there was not a single phone call by a stressed clinician seeking admission. So unusual is this, that I went to the admissions co-ordinator to check that he hadn't been trying to get in touch. 

Next week I begin as the consultant for the third of the four teams in the unit. This will be for at least a couple of months, At which time it is highly likely that I will need to go to the fourth team. It's a way of really experiencing the interactions between the community teams and the inpatient teams. May help work out how to get things to function better. 

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