While on my runs

By waipushrink

The moon tonight

The beach house continues uninhabitable at the moment. The leaks have stopped, because the water is turned off. The plumbers have yet to replace all the pipes. The company which provide a service of rodent control plus drying wet carpet (and cleaning them), and dealing with the effects of burst pipes, has completed those tasks.

We will need to talk to the builder once the pipes are changed about repairing the gib board and the flooring where water damage has occurred. Especially over how they will replace the damaged bamboo floor boards, without ending up as a patchwork.

Went up to visit S' mother. She is getting very weak, although she perked up when told her blood pressure is not worrying just because it is higher than when she has taken it herself in the past. She then decided that she intends to live to be 102 (not sure why she chose that number. We told her its good to have aims.

Just before we left to return to Auckland, the moon was shining and I got a couple of nice photos. Earlier, I had seen a very active piwakawaka (fantail) below the neighbour's deck; the extra is a rather soft photo of it.

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