While on my runs

By waipushrink

Reflections of the sunrise

Not sure about the external cladding of this building. It looks vaguely like dominoes falling. Or perhaps the effects of an earthquake. More likely due to either drunken builders, or a drunken architect. I would imagine that it could be quite disconcerting to be inside and have something like that sloping across your windows.

I saw this while out for an early morning walk with the camera. I needed to buy some more coffee beans, as I used the last of them yesterday. S tells me that I can use the ground coffee, and doesn't understand that the first coffee of the day needs to be with newly ground beans. Later on, I am quite happy to use the ground coffee. 

Later, we met daughter J to look at a house for sale that had seemed a possibility as a change from the apartment. As Mr H is now over 6ft tall and Young L at only 11 is growing taller whenever we look away, the apartment feels far too small. 

In the undergrowth at the edge of the bush on the rear of the land, I saw this wee Piwakawaka. Despite the unfortunate placement of a twig, I am quite pleased with getting the full fan as it paused in its flitting about.

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