... so today was all about giving the girls a "feeling" of what this story/movie was all about. We found the pick up point in Salzburg for the Bus tour and excellent detailed commentary/movie clips and songs as we went. The first extra shows Ida and the bus driver. Alice was enthralled with the info and Hayley loved the mountain goat soft toy they passed around.

We went to all "the spots" from the main parts of the movie - the Hellbrunn Palace built in 1613 (2nd extra) - and of course that famous Gazebo - you know the one  Sixteen going on Seventeen (3rd extra).

The tour then headed out of town past a few other locations one was the Red Bull head quarters (fourth extra) and we stopped to admire the view over the popular lake of the Salzkammergut, the Wolfganfsee (5th extra). Just a side bit of info... Mozart's mother Anna Pertl was born here near the village of St. Wolfgang.

Then onto the really nice area/ village of Mondsee around the Lake Mondsee ( 6th extra). This area had an important monastery was founded in 748 on the ruins of a Roman settlement finally dissolved in 1792. 

This brings us to the main pic the interior of the Abbey (7th extra) where the wedding scene was held.

Then back to Salzburg to see the magnificent Festival Building (8th extra) and the the gardens. 
What a super fun day - and as mentioned the girls really enjoyed it.

Enjoy and have a look in  LARGE - oh and it was interesting to hear from Ida the guide, and we tested it locally. Ask a local about the Sound of Music and they look at you with a queried look "what are you talking about"?? Amazing. oh alright if you really must have a listen....

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