Steve Kirkham

By SteveKirkham

The Phone Saga

It's a long one for a change.

My mobile phone contract runs out in a couple of weeks, so I popped into the local shop last week to see about an upgrade.

To say I was not impressed would be an understatement.

Now, I'm not a massive phone user, I'm not glued to it all day like some folk. When I make calls I prefer to use my mobile instead of a landline as, because of my deafness, I can hear better on the mobile. It's there for when Beloved suddenly remembers something she needs when I'm out shopping, or is ready to be picked up after swimming. It comes in handy for Blipping as well.

I don't really need an all singing all dancing phone that does everything except brew up, with a camera with umpteen lenses and 20 trillion megapixels, nor do I need a massive data allowance. And I'm a cheapskate, my soon to be ended contract only costs me £10.00 a month.

When I visited the shop, the first option presented to me was a plan that would have cost me £17.00+ a month, a 70% increase, this then came down again to £9.60 a month when I turned it down, and probably on a 2 year contract.

The only phones they could offer were a PINK Samsung J4+, (I'm a 67 year old male, what would I want with a pink phone?), or a phone from a manufacturer I've never heard of and which felt cheap and flimsy.

I can go to one of the big supermarkets, get a SIM, no contract, 1Gb data, 300 minutes and unlimited texts for £7.00.

Alternately, I can switch to another operator, 2Gb of data, unlimited minutes and texts, 2 year contract AND a Samsung A20e phone, for £12.00 per month.

So, on Wednesday, I took the plunge and ordered the new phone on line. The order said 1-2 weeks delivery, but it arrived today, 2 days later.

The next issue was to get my PAC code from my original network so that I can keep my number. Another tale of woe which I won't bore you with, just to say it took 20 minutes, 4 sales pitches and a near meltdown and loss of temper on my part.

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