By Missycat

FlowerFriday14_2019 Roses yet again

As the rain has finally stopped today, I had thought that I might venture into the garden for this week's FF shot.  Unfortunately surprisingly strong winds meant that every plant and flower was moving far too much for a decent shot, so supermarket flowers it is yet again.
In extras, my alternative flower features of course: she had just changed out of her school uniform, ready to go and spend the weekend with her father and is showing off a denim skirt given to her as a birthday present by her friend S.  I can't help but notice how long her legs are getting, definitely not a feature inherited from my side of the family!
A second extra is of Tinkerbell.  Since her diagnosis (a sarcoma) two weeks ago, we know her time is limited, although she is fine atm and responding well to her pain relief medication. We've decided though that it might be a good idea to take regular photos of her now. 
Many thanks to  our host, BikerBear, who is currently on holiday somewhere that looks rather exciting.

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