What a busy day! 

Laundry, shopping, the library, the office, desk work... that's what I remember.

The office was just for an hour - a meeting where the Boss needed some expert backup.

Anyway, a lot of stuff on the task list has been tackled. 

In the evening I went over to Kinghorn for the annual Black Rock 5 race. It starts and finishes in the centre of the village and the middle bit is out over the sand at low tide, around the Black Rock, and back again. 

It can only be done when the tides are very low. 

Over 800 take apart, so it is a spectacle. It is fascinating to see how easy the elite runners make it look. Equally fascinating are the struggles of the fun runners. 

From my position I could see the runners on the return section come off the wet sand onto the dry sand of the beach. For some it looked like they had been thrown into quicksand. Their legs were moving but nothing was happening. 

I ran it 10 years ago so I know how tough it is. On the way back I had my personal race against the incoming tide.    

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