Pictorial blethers

By blethers


These are the first wild orchids I've seen this summer - maybe I've not been looking, or in the right place. They're so wonderfully exotic, in a miniature sort of way, and this bit of verge by the road up Glen Massan, is full of them. In fact, everything was looking so lovely in a quiet sort of way, that I'm going to put in a couple of extras - one of a purple (and therefore intrusive, but never mind) rhododendron on the bank of the Massan Burn further down the glen, and one of the upper glen, where the gorge opens out into the hanging valley that is one of my favourite places around here.

A quietly pleasing sort of day - a good visit in the morning (new rector visiting organist) and a good walk in the afternoon, in which we saw a sheepdog in training in a field with a bunch of sheep fairly scooting round, as well as a couple of picturesque little horses, one of which was scratching its behind on a tree lying in a pile of felled trees. 

It's still far too chilly, though ...

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