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Singing away ...

Foreign parts today - we were helping augment a choir in St Mary's Hamilton, singing numbers by Elgar (words by Lady Elgar, which made me think I write quite well) and Dvorak (words which might have been a translation but more likely simply fitted the music). I've never been to Hamilton before, strangely enough, and didn't know we had a nice pisky church there. The photo was taken after the concert, when we'd all repaired to the gathering space next door, a lovely modern cafe area created in a former courtyard, the church north wall making one of its sides.

An interesting experience in which I learned that if I sang in a bigger choir, properly trained, I wouldn't fear for the demise of my voice - it held up well, despite far too much chat. I was also quite pleased to be able to contribute even though the music had been entirely unfamiliar and we only had 90 minutes' rehearsal on it. And I enjoyed discovering that people I was singing next to had shared in my distant past - I thought that alto's face was familiar!

But the 10.30 ferry and the need to unwind means I'm writing this at 1am and should be elswhere ...

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