Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Through the trees ...

I often take photos of Holy Trinity Dunoon from this viewpoint, on the track out of the Bishop's Glen, and in fact have been quite emphatic about not developing any additional building in the ground where it would get in the way of this view. This afternoon I realised that we could barely see the church at all; the beautiful tall birch in the graveyard is so full, and the surrounding trees so leafy, that the building seems drowning in greenery.

It also looks very tiny compared to these giants, somehow, and to the inexorable bounty of nature. But listening to David's sermon this morning about why a church is an important component of our lives - and an essential one of the faith of each of us - I was thinking of just how it is indeed a home. A home for an eccentric family, a strange bunch of ordinary people of all ages, from the children who at the moment are few in number to the cantankerous grandma who suddenly is wreathed in smiles when people persist in kindness, this is a family for everyone when they need it, and even when they think they don't.

So, drowning in trees or in the rain that is once again pouring down on us, this is our home.

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